As part of our unwavering commitment to platform security, MercuryGate has established a partnership with CloudFlare, a leader in internet performance and security services. This arrangement allows SSL encryption to be managed efficiently with certificates issued by CloudFlare, offering an additional layer of security.

We encourage our customers to adopt best practices that align with maintaining uninterrupted access and service continuity, while prioritizing data and infrastructure security. These practices include:

1. Regularly verify the integrity and trustworthiness of the root certificate authorities (CAs) in your system.
2. Implement automated alerts for certificate changes or upcoming expirations.
3. Establish protocols for rapid response to certificate updates or security advisories.
4. Conduct periodic reviews of your security policies to ensure they align with current best practices and standards.
5. Engage with security experts or services that can provide insights and assistance in managing SSL certificate-related matters.

These guidelines can enhance preparedness for any certificate changes and ensure a robust defense against potential disruptions. Please reach out to your internal IT department to learn more about your organization’s security certificate management practices.

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